Direct Actions

Preserving mountain environments is our mission. We identify a specific problem and we try to solve it by our direct actions, creating new and more sustainable processes. Keeping our planet healthy and ensuring a future for the upcoming generations is the aim of all direct actions we work on.

Green Trail Concept

Development of an EU sustainability certification system to improve governance and make it greener in sports organizations and outdoor sports racing federations.
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Muntanyes Vives II, the impact of sports practice on the environment.

The number of people practicing sports activities in the natural environment has increased considerably. In many cases, the new practitioner and those already familiarized with the sport, have a lack of knowledge of the natural values ​​of the environment where they develop the activity. Within this scenario, it is necessary to make the sports community aware of the risks and threats that an irresponsible practice mean to the natural environment.
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Outdoor Friendly Pledge

This is a pledge that we have created from the Foundation together with Kilian Jornet.
The goal is to promote a more sustainable outdoor sports practice.
This pledge is addressed to athletes, events, brands and federations.
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Other Projects
Protecting the mountains and enhancing their sustainable development is fundamental. This protection will help to increase the capacity to recover both the inhabitants and the main resources that they provide: food, water or the conservation of biodiversity.