How can I help preserve mountain areas?

All of us can pitch in to help preserve mountain areas.
Many of us want to be part of the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity, but don’t know where to start. We believe that it’s better to be an imperfect activist than to stand idly by, and that taking a first step, even a small one, is always positive and leads to further steps.

Take care of the planet

When you go to the mountains, be even more aware of respecting the environment. Don’t leave any rubbish and don’t remove anything as a souvenir. Don’t make noise, so as not to disturb the animals, and try to make your footprint as small as possible.

Raise your voice and support change!

Vote for policies that favour the fight against climate change, talk to your friends and acquaintances about the importance of the ecological transition, and each time you purchase a product or service, remember that it has an ecological footprint! By choosing more sustainable products and services you are also telling companies and producers that you want change.

We are stronger together

We climb together. Collaborate with organisations and foundations such as ours that fight for a more sustainable world. Do volunteer work or make donations so that actions and projects are carried out that aim to preserve mountain areas and their ecosystems.

Support environmental actions and organisations

That allocate money to climate and biodiversity protection projects. There are various organisations that sponsor this type of initiatives. For example, at the Kilian Jornet Foundation we use our resources for different mountain environment preservation projects.

Your way of life can make the difference

The actions and decisions we make as individuals have a lot of weight on a global scale: the way we get around, how we use energy in our country, how we shop or how we eat can worsen or improve the future of our planet a lot.