Want to support us?

Does your event want to collaborate with the Kilian Jornet Foundation? There’s several ways:

Donations on registration
The event makes a donation system happening during the registration for its event. (p.e: in the registration process in the website give the possibility to participants to make a donation for the KJF)
Outdoor Friendly Bib numbers
KJF collaboration: the event can support donating a sum for each participant entry. (p.e: 1€ of the participant inscription is donated to KJF to support its projects)
KJF Solidary bibs
The event can sell special bibs / entries to runners who wish to support the foundation by donating directly or through sponsors by donating a sum for the bib. The participant may be supported by a donor/donors of their choice, private or commercial, to raise the funds. (p.e: the race organises a draw for 10 solidary bib numbers starting at 1000€ per bib, or the race puts to sell 100 bib numbers at 1000€ per bib to support the KJF)

The donations will support the different projects of the foundation. Find them here.

How does it work?


Register the event here: https://forms.gle/DS78hTaJpqE9KpPJ6 


The foundation will provide the event with our logo to use in your bib numbers and materials to the race to communicate about the mountain environment.

The event can communicate its support to the KJF using the KJF logo in its website, marketing and communication materials and in its bib numbers or entries. 

Think about making the event sustainable joining the Outdoor Friendly Pledge. There are lots of ideas on how to make it possible!

Materials for organizers

Here how to proceed for the donations depending on the method:
  • Outdoor Friendly bibs: Once the event is completed the event organisation will make a donation to the foundation at the KJF ( bank details at the bottom) The foundation will give a receipt to the event organizers.

  • KJF Solidary bibs: The participant purchasing a solidarity bib might make a donation directly to the KJF ( or via bank transfer ) and show the proof of donation to the event organizers or the organizer can receive the sum from the participant and after donate to the foundation.

KJF Bank account:
  • Name account holder: Fundació Privada Kilian Jornet
  • Adress: Terranegra 2, 25725 Montellà (Spain)
  • Bank : Triodos Bank
  • IBAN: ES60 1491 0001 29 3000134622
  • NIF / VAT: G67372045