Muntanyes Vives II, the impact of sports practice on the environment.

The number of people practicing sports activities in the natural environment has increased considerably. In many cases, the new practitioner and those already familiarized with the sport, have a lack of knowledge of the natural values ​​of the environment where they develop the activity. Within this scenario, it is necessary to make the sports community aware of the risks and threats that an irresponsible practice mean to the natural environment.

The aim of the Muntanyes Vives II project, is to create awareness of the need to practice sport respectfully for the environment. The project will have 4 clips where an environmental technician/specialist will meet an athlete in their usual sports practice, reflecting the impact this practice could have on the natural environment. The four sports disciplines will be mountain skiing, climbing, canyoning and trail running.

The main objectives of this project, are to share with the sports practitioners the natural values ​​of the mountain areas; raise awareness about the threats and impacts that are generated from outdoor sports; establish behavioral guidelines and recommendations to be taken into account for each sporting activity and bring the sporting community closer to the conservation of natural values.

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