The Foundation

The main mission of the Kilian Jornet Foundation is the preservation of mountains and their environment.

Mountains have played an essential role in Kilian Jornet’s athletic and personal growth, which is why their preservation has become both a passion and a priority.

The pillars of our work

Although mountain environments are different throughout the world, they share many of the same problems as they are very vulnerable natural areas.

Direct actions to preserve the mountains, without polluting

The Foundation creates or funds projects aimed at solving environmental problems in the mountains.

Raising Awareness & Education

Through its own communication channels and external ones, the Foundation ensures awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, using education to establish a better relationship between humans and mountains.


The Foundation invests in studies and monitoring services to better understand the effects of climate change on mountain environments and establish the best possible tools to address them.

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Our Staff

Kilian Jornet


Jordi Lorenzo


Toni Sendra


Pau Ylla


Judit Pelegrina

Mountain areas management expert

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