The ice is melting and…?

Kilian Jornet Fundation
November 10, 2021
Kilian Jornet Fundation
November 10, 2021

To commemorate the International Mountain Day, on December 11th we are launching a campaign to bring scientists to schools and institutes in Catalonia.

“In ten years, it will be impossible to travel to the North Pole with sledges, because there will be too much water” Will Steger

That is why we have prepared a main event that will be a webinar on Friday 10 December at 12 noon for all schools and institutes in Catalonia. An event in which Kílian Jornet will moderate a debate between scientists (Fernando Valladares, Núria Catalan and Pascal Egli), as well as with young environmental activists.

To participate in this streaming event, you must register here:

When you sign up you will receive material to think about and reflect on, so that we can ask you many questions that our scientists will answer. You should send these questions to us by December 10 by email to this address:

But this action will not end with the talk. With all the material that you will have learned in this process we would like you to transform it into a work of art, individually or collectively, because you are sure to be very good ARTISTS.

You can make a story, a poem, a comic, a visual poetry, a drawing, a sculpture, a song, a collage, a mural, a poster, …. let yourself be carried away by your CREATIVITY.

Think about what you have experienced, heard from scientists, young environmentalists, what you have done in your school, what you have heard and let your mind fly to CREATE.

In February or March 2022, we will EXHIBIT all your WORKS OF ART in a space in Barcelona, so that everyone can visit and reflect.

Go ahead and let’s discover the world of ice.