II Challenge for Nature

Kilian Jornet Fundation
September 4, 2022
Kilian Jornet Fundation
September 4, 2022


The Kílian Jornet Foundation is committed to the protection of nature, environmental awareness, education and movement, which is why we want to invite you to the II International Day for the Protection of Nature, with a sporting, collaborative and altruistic challenge that helps an entity environment in its work of knowledge and conservation of natural environments.

When we will do it? From September 5 to October 15, 2022.

How will we do it? You will have to propose a sporting challenge as a group (for example, a team of four proposes the challenge of running together 8 km running on a circuit, or on a path) The team can decide if everyone does the same kilometers or not, because in this challenge everyone can participate.

The important thing is that the whole team participates.

This challenge can be done in any sports discipline or activity that makes us move and enjoy physical exercise.

Each team will decide on a name for their group to represent them.

In addition, the team will have to get donations (for example by collecting money, putting a piggy bank in their educational center,…) to donate to an environmental entity that carries out actions or scientific studies to protect nature. (You can choose the entity yourselves if you know one close to your environment or you can ask us who know many)

How do we start? The first thing we have to do is, once we have thought about the challenge to be carried out and the entity to which we are going to donate our contributions, register at this link and we will send each of the members of the group a number.


Do you cheer up? It is about collaborating as a group to achieve an objective and that your effort helps to make a nature protection project a reality.