Challenge for nature

Kilian Jornet Fundation
August 31, 2021
Kilian Jornet Fundation
August 31, 2021

To commemorate Nature Protection Day, October 18th, we offer you a SPORTS CHALLENGE where your EFFORT will help you carry out a NATURE PROTECTION project.

How it works?

  1. It is a TEAM challenge. Form a group of people, no matter the number as long as you are more than one.
  2. Look for a SPORTS CHALLENGE to do together. Running, walking, biking, climbing mountains, climbing, combining different sports, …. The SUM of the efforts of each one must help to achieve it.
  3. Raise money so that your team’s challenge and effort will result in being able to facilitate a nature protection project. All amounts are VALUABLE.
  4. Choose ONE of the six nature conservation projects you want to donate the money you raise.
  5. Choose a NAME for your team. Fill in the REGISTRATION. Introduce your team and your challenge with the hashtag #ChallegeForNature
  6. You have between September 1st to October 18th, 2021 to do so.
  7. Send us the result of your challenge, a photo, the amount collected and we will include you in the ACTION MAP and the PROJECT THERMOMETER.

“Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean ”Ryunosuke Satoro


Mountains matter

The main mission of Kilian Jornet Foundation is the preservation of mountains and their environment.

Mountains play a key role in our global system. Without them, there would be no life and that is why it is essential to conserve and manage them sustainably.

Climate change is endangering mountain environments. Tha changes the planet is undergoing directly affect mountain settings, but also all of those who are depend of them: fauna, flora and us, as humans.

Mountain environments are a fundamental part of our dialy lives, as they cover 25% of the Earth surface and all of its inhabitants depend on them directly or indirectly.

Help us protect them!



The glaciers from around the world retrait

This project works on the study and investigation of one of the most visible climate change phenomena: the glacier melting. Ttudying this phenomenon is crucial in order to be able to develop conservational projects of these ice masse that hold between 60 and 80% of the planet’s fresh water.

That’s why the Kilian Jornet’s Foundation and the World Glaciar Monitoring Service (WGMS) from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, band together. This program has been collecting observations around glaciers for more than 125 years as well as information about their fluctuation.

The funds will be set aside to diverse initiatives promoted by the World Glaciar Monitoring Service, from measuring equipment for researchers to educational programs for schools, among others.

Did you know the snow is alive? Do you know how live becomes in a lake made from the glacier’s melt?

Alpaga and Gala are looking for answers to these questions.

Alpaga project studies the life biodiversity in the snow and glaciers. There’s a whole world inside. It is fascinating to see the microalgas, bacterias and viruses in the snow.

The glaciers melt and form a lake with the water that falls fromthe ice trench. From this water will emerge life or life will go there. It is a perfect laboratory to study how life becomes part of a new space.

Do you want to help us study it?

Help us protect the grouse

The Pyrenean and Pre-Pyrenees grouse (Tetrao urogallus aquitanicus) is suffering a rapid population decline in recent years, a fact that is even more pronounced in the most peripheral and southern nuclei of its distribution in Catalonia.

That’s why we want:
. Use the custody of the territory as a tool for the conservation of the grouse.
. Achieve forest management aimed at the conservation of the grouse or, at least, compatible with the requirements of the specie
. Minimize the impact of agro-livestock activities and winter activities on the species
. Reduce human attendance and the inconvenience it generates in areas sensitive to the species
Help us keep wild grouse in the mountain forests !!!

We go to nature, do sports and clean it of waste

Plogga is a growing movement founded in Sweden. The idea is very simple to pick up trash and do sports.

The name “plogga” is an acronym for the Swedish words “pick up” and “move”.

The “Plogga” is growing all over the world. We are helping communities do this and clean up their natural environments. We also have an educational platform.

Learn how to recycle, how to reduce, how to minimize the impact on nature.

Be an ambassador of the plogga movement.

Help us make it a habit to pick up trash in the wild.

Help us to become aware of the need not to leave a mark when we are in nature.


Study and analysis of persistent organic pollutants in mountains and lakes

Mountain air, water from rivers and high mountain lakes are not free from pollution due to the globalization of our actions as humans. Analyzing, sampling and drawing conclusions about air and water quality in the high mountains will help us find better solutions.

Be a guardian of air and water quality in the high mountains and help scientists investigate to find out more and better about the consequences of our actions in an environment as fragile as the high mountains.

This year, this project is analyzing the toxic compounds (POPs) of the lakes of Aigüestortes and Estany Redon, in the Catalan Pyrenees.

POPs are organic compounds with a recognized effect on health and ecosystems, many of which are currently banned in terms of their use and manufacture. However, these compounds reach the high mountains after long-distance atmospheric transport from the emission zones. The aim of the project is to find out if the levels of POPs compounds have decreased, and if others with current or recent use have increased.

Did you know that swimming in a mountain lake greatly harms the lake’s ecosystem? Lake ecosystems are very sensitive places and with our sunscreens we alter the delicate balance of this ecosystem.

Help us learn more and act better.