a Plogga Week - Kilian Jornet Foundation

April 22nd is the Clean Earth Day,  and for that we’re joining forces with Plogga to clean our close natural environment.

The action consist in a selective garbage collection in natural environments during the week of April 19 to 25, 2021.  We want to reach many places and many people, either individually or in groups such as schools, high schools, associations, mountain groups, companies, …

You can register for the action here.

On the day of the cleanup, the person or group will do the selective garbage collection, that is to say, separate the plastic, paper, glass and the rest. We do this in order to be able to recycle it correctly. But first you will have to weigh each of the types of garbage and take a picture with them. Once done you have to fill in a form with the photo and the data of your action, specifying the place where you have made the collection and the country so that we can incorporate them in the interactive map. We also encourage you to answer this survey from our friends at GRIDA about waste in mountains.

You can use this canvas to share your plogga in social media. Tag @kilianjornetfoundation @plogga to inspire more people to clean the outdoors and so we add you in the total count and map!

YOU PLOGG-IT 4.388’62 KG! 👊